“From the sea to skin” Phytomere, a pioneer in marine biotechnology perfected their
skin care product line over three generations. Phytomere’s active marine ingredients
inspired by the saline waters of Brittany France, combined with our innovative
treatments, resulting in youthful, radiant skin.

Hydrablue Moisturizing Facial - 60 minutes $135

After a thorough cleansing, the exfoliation process smoothes the skin to renewal. A self-heating pure pore mask is massaged over the skin to absorb pollutants and sebum based impurities. Skin is perfectly prepared for a deep pore extraction, followed by application of serums, and finished with a creamy mask that hydrates the skin for a bright, energized complexion.

Acinour Blemish Solution Facial - 60 minutes $95

A facial treatment formulated to address the significant symptoms of acne to help purify and normalize the complexion. A mild acid dis-encrusting peel is used to soften the surface of the skin and begin the cleansing process. Then a deep pore extraction is performed to remove the impurities responsible for causing an inflamed breakout. A unique post-extraction serum reduces redness and inflammation to increase the skins repair response. Finally, a cool, creamy mask absorbs impurities, while soothing the skin.

City Life Anti-Pollution Freshness Facial - 60 Minutes $145

This facial is designed to counteract the destructive effects of urban lifestyle pollutants, this
facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin with Pure Pore Heating Mask. The self-heating mask gently absorbs impurities and contaminants from below the skin’s surface during double brush massage, prior to pore extraction. A customized complexion enhancing serum is applied to eliminate dull tones and fatigue as well as restore radiance and brightness. Finally, a detox-oxygen massage mask further neutralizes damage while replenishing skin with moisture. The final moisturizing sorbet infuses age skin with algae-based pollution shields to revitalize and protect the complexions fresh, clear glow.

Ocean Illumination - 60 Minutes $155 or 90 Minutes $185

Even out age spots, sun damage, and other issues related to hyperpigmentation with this
renewing, brightening facial. An alpha hydroxy acid peel removes layers of pigmentation in preparation for skin brightening serums followed by a complexion balancing massage infused with algae and sea lily extracts. A potent vitamin C mask further regulates pigment production for a luminous, even complexion.

Extended Your Youth Facial - 60 minutes $160 or 90 minutes $195

From the depths of the ocean and the coastlines of France, natural solutions are cultivated to restore a youthful texture and radiance to the skin. A marine AHA scrub is used to polish the complexion to smoothness; then sea retinol boosts cellular turnover for skin regeneration. Finally, a specially formulated rubberizing mask reduces the depth of wrinkles and resuscitates the skins natural firmness while free radicals are outsmarted to curb premature aging. For the duration of this treatment, you will enjoy a warm, popping sensation from our detoxifying mud treatment encompassing your back. An experience recommended for all ages and one you will
not soon forget.

**For those that select the 90-minute treatment, you will enjoy a massage with a specially
formulated rubberizing eye mask that will smooth fine lines, followed by an oxygenating
steamed mask to detoxify & revitalize all cellular function.




The Luxe-urious Massage - 60 Minutes $90, 90 Minutes $130, or 120 Minutes $160.

Personalized for each guest, our highly trained therapist will use long smooth flowing strokes to ease your aches, pains, and most importantly your mind. If you seek relaxation and stress reduction, indulge yourself in this Luxe-urious massage.

The De Luxe Treatment - 60 Minutes $110, 90 Minutes $150, or 120 Minutes $190

For those who are seeking to have a more focused session with firmer pressure to realign the deeper layers of muscle. Therapists will incorporate a variety of manipulative approaches to help you with past, or current injuries, increasing your mobility, reducing pain.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - 90 Minutes $140 or 120 minutes $180

Himalayan salt stones, which are naturally antimicrobial and contain 84 minerals, are used for this unique massage. Relax and unwind as our therapist uses the hand-carved salt stones to soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension, and pollutants.

Couples Massage - 60 Minutes $180 or 90 Minutes $260

Enjoy a relaxing massage together in our couples’ suite. Personalized for each guest, the
massage therapist will use varying techniques to address your needs.


Arm $55
Back $60
Chest $50
Chin $18
Eyebrow $25
Full Face $60
Bikini - The Alaskan $50
Bikini - The New England $55
Bikini - The Hawaiian $60
Bikini - New Brazilian $70

Bikini - Repeat Brazilian $70
Half Leg Lower $48
Half Leg Upper $48
Full Leg $90
Full Leg and Bikini $140
Full Leg and Brazilian $165

Lip $18
Nostril $18
Sides of Face $18
Under Arm $35.



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